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Cuba, la isla que te acoge, de la mano de W2M (World2Meet)

El 16 de noviembre de 1519, el español Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar celebró una misa para conmemorar la fundación oficial

La particular ruta por museos de Bárbara

Cuando viajas por el mundo es típico ir a visitar museos, ¿verdad? Personalmente soy bastante fanática y, por supuesto, he

Bárbara y sus recomendaciones para viajar con pequeños

Cuando nació Lola sabía que se acababa viajar tal y como lo había hecho hasta entonces. Y, vamos a ser

5+1 con Gemma Montero, Gerente Regional de Ventas en Ayre Hoteles y Only You Hotels

1. Dentro de Palladium Hotel Group vemos que tenéis dos marcas muy definidas para hoteles urbanos; cuéntanos que elemento diferenciador

How We Went to Las Vegas and Won $8

Knowing when to stop has never been a trait of mine. However, this time I got so carried away by the city itself that I became indifferent to gambling.

Lessons Learned While Skipping School

Did you know Robert Mapplethorpe thought that ‘magic’ disappears from a photograph when you start talking about it? Sometimes I tend to agree with that.

Why I Decided to Stay in Brooklyn

One day the landlord came to my Brooklyn home to do some small repairs. He was a senior black man with really nice manners, very calm and polite.

How Storytelling Skills Enrich Your Travel Experiences

Your journeys remain in your life as stories. However, storytelling not only influences memories of past trips, but also affects your travels as they happen.

Being on the Road as a Meditative Practice

In an environment where you don’t get attached much and the scenery changes fast, you start to experience that certain clear state of mind.