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5+1 con Alberto Malpartida, Socio y Director en Tripcare

Recientemente incorporado a la gestión de Tripcare Solutions, Alberto Malpartida cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en el

5+1 con Katia Estace, Chief Commercial Officer de Aon

Katia es licenciada en derecho y tiene un Máster en Dirección Financiera (CEF) y cuenta con 20 años de experiencia

Rafael Isún reflexiona sobre Ryanair y el cierre de bases españolas

Nos gusta ser altavoz de nuestros asociados. Ante los recientes acontecimientos sucedidos en la compañía aérea Ryanair respecto al cierre

The Definitive Guide to Norwegian Scenery

Looking at a stunning natural view sometimes helps find a new perspective on the events in your life.

People of New York

Observations on which of the notorious New Yorker myths are true, and which are not.

How We Went to Las Vegas and Won $8

Knowing when to stop has never been a trait of mine. However, this time I got so carried away by the city itself that I became indifferent to gambling.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Get Lost in Chicago

Feel the air of the “windy city” pressing against your face. USA’s third largest city is a perfect place to wander the streets.

Why I Decided to Stay in Brooklyn

One day the landlord came to my Brooklyn home to do some small repairs. He was a senior black man with really nice manners, very calm and polite.

World’s Largest Boneyard

Decommissioned planes are brought to the Davis-Monthan Air Force boneyard in Tucson, AZ to take advantage of the dry climate and hard desert soil.